ALLISON ADAPTER FITTING , Adapts "LATE" ('03 -up) model bell housing to "EARLY" (pre-'03) model transmission lines.

SKU# 116996LA
GM - Allison Cooler Line Fitting EARLY 5/8" Line (short tip) to LATE Model Bellhousing (7/8" threads) LINE TYPE This fitting is for the early 5/8 inch line with a 7/8 inch flange. That line is mainly found in '01, '02 and some '03 applications. The quick way to check the flange size is to use a box end 13/16 inch wrench... if it goes over the flange; then it is NOT the early line and this fitting will NOT work for your vehicle. BELLHOUSING TYPE Fits: GM Allison transmissions with the Late bellhousing with 7/8 -14 inch threads. These are found mainly in '03 -up vehicles but sometimes found in earlier models when a replacement bellhousing was needed to replace a broken bellhousing. NOTE: This fitting is only for the Late model bellhousing. The OEM Part Number is 88996640, 89040281 and Teckpak's Part Number is 116996FL
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